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Without the people above, we could be just like any other injection moulder. There’s no point in us having all our shiny new equipment without the best people in the industry working it. Luckily, we do. Actually, it’s not all luck. We work tirelessly to ensure the best people stay, those who don’t fit in move on and that the people we hire are ready to work in this driven culture.

But we’re always looking for more…enthusiastic, conscientious people who have their wits about them. No switching off here. We call the people we’re looking for ‘grafters’ and our slogan is ‘Only Grafters Need Apply‘. In the last 18 months, we’ve doubled the number of employees working at Goodfish.

Specific job opportunities at the moment are listed on our Jobs page.


Our senior management team has evolved over time to become a stable, effective, close-knit team.


Goodfish (Cannock)

In order of joining us, our Cannock-based team is led by:

Andy Hollis – Senior Manager Commercial, joined us in Jan-11 from Artform, where Greg McDonald had been MD before leaving to start Goodfish. Andy’s account management experience (developed over a period of 12 years at Artform, with key accounts like Boots) was key to the new focus being brought to Goodfish to establish larger, key account customers. Andy was promoted to Commercial Manager from Key Account Manager in 2012. He now takes responsibility for sourcing and managing key supplier relationships, as well as overseeing the quotation process for both mouldings and tooling.

Polly Kendrick – Operations Director, Goodfish Cannock, joined us from Faurecia, where she played a senior role in quality. She started at Goodfish in 2013, as Quality Manager. In 2014 she was promoted to Senior Manager, Operations. She is now responsible for quality, health & safety and environmental issues, and manufacturing operations. In Jan-17, Polly was promoted to Operations Director of our Cannock facility.

Kevin Turner – Senior Manager, Technical, joined us in 2014, from Magna Intiers’ Redditch operation. He is responsible for ensuring the stability and repeatability of our processes, as well as the optimisation of injection-moulding processes from an efficiency point of view. Kevin’s team includes setters, maintenance engineers and process specialists, whose collective experience in injection-moulding stretches well in to the hundreds (of years).

Jamie Kerin – Group Finance Director, took up his new position at Goodfish at the end of Mar-15. He joined us from Baker Tilly’s Birmingham office, where he worked in audit and corporate finance. Jamie was appointed Group Finance Director in Jan-17.

Powell And Harber

Powell And Harber (Worcester)

Andy Parry, Operations Director, has worked at P&H for over 25 years, starting out as a toolmaker before moving over to head up quality in 2003. He was promoted to senior manager following the acquisition of P&H by Goodfish. In Feb-16, Andy was promoted to Operations Director at Powell & Harber.

Steve Turner, Toolroom Manager, P&H. Another ‘lifer’ from P&H. Steve has worked at P&H for 25+ years, firstly as a toolmaker, now managing the toolroom at P&H.

Ian Urquhart, Financial Controller, P&H. Ian has been financial controller at P&H for many years and remains in this position following the acquisition of P&H by Goodfish.

Tim Martin – Key Account Manager, P&H. Tim Martin moved from our Cannock facility to our new Worcester pfacility after the acquisition of Powell & Harber in Jan-15. Tim, who came to us via the acquisition of Holloid Plastics, oversees customer relationships, including the quotation process for mouldings and tooling at Powell & Harber. Tim’s degree in engineering and extensive experience in plastics, automotive, quality and engineering is a great asset to the already well-developed team at P&H.

Wilson‘ – Account Manager, doesn’t work here! Needless to say, we’ve no time for ‘Wilsons’. The attitude that customers are difficult, that life would be so much easier if they just e-mailed in their orders to us and waited patiently for delivery, is for losers. We’re not losers.

Customers are always right, Wilson