New Ideas



Yes, we’re definitely open to new ideas.

We are regularly approached by inventors of new injection-moulded plastic products who are looking for someone to make tools for them. Actually, we know from experience that that’s not all they are looking for. They’re also looking for someone to buy into their idea, share their enthusiasm, and put capital at risk alongside them. Well, rather than turn them all away, saying ‘on yer bike‘ (or ‘go find the money to pay for the tools up-front‘, which is what most companies in our position do), we’ve decided to be a bit different.

We say, get ‘off yer bike‘ at Cannock, spend a bit of time telling us about your idea and we’ll give you an indication of how much money we think you’ll need to raise to tool up for your product. We might suggest to you that you raise funds on Kickstarter or Indiegogo (if your idea is a B2C one), just like we did for our new start-up, Stique. We used to offer to fund or part-fund tools for enthusiastic entrepreneurs, but now we leave that to Kickstarter and the plethora of equity crowd-funding sites like Seedrs, CrowdCube etc (if yours is a B2B opportunity and you really want to get it off the ground). We’re not venture capitalists…but we know a good idea when we see one.


We also have incubation space on-site – office space with phones, desks, filing space etc – for those who need it. This can be a great help, we know, to those budding inventors & entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves in their market.

Inventors of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and, for the moment, Scotland, please get in touch. We can point you in the right direction, be it Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Seedrs, CrowdCube or whatever…for a fee!